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About Us

Understanding ThinkOcean India

Sustainability has been a talk for quite some time now, but not many practical steps have been taken. We at ThinkOcean India believe in not just giving a sustainable vibe but exploring sustainable living. We are an action-oriented initiative, advocating new perspectives on ‘change’. We thrive on a flexible approach with a no-hierarchy model, which helps create an inclusive space where we question age-old practices and beliefs and find creative solutions to environmental issues, both globally and locally. We believe in making everyday living eco-friendly, whether by examining veganism or trying to question our consumption patterns. We strive to provide aid to those who want to bring in change and encourage leadership and youth-driven platforms. We want to make people feel heard. Every idea counts. That is how we work- by collating our unique ideas to have a tangible outcome. Each day we move closer to sustainability—one step at a time.

About ThinkOcean Global

Founded in 2017, ThinkOcean is an initiative based upon the concept of a society run by youth. Leaders were all once youth, current young people will grow up to become the world’s leaders, and future generations will take our spot. ThinkOcean is driven to engage today’s young people, address the world’s pressing environmental issues, and get them involved.  We aim to address the common trend in the environmental community to have widespread decentralization of initiatives, and our goal is to increase college and high school awareness of environmental issues and engage members towards solving these challenges.

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