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Babies: The Tiny Harbingers of Earth’s Decline

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Author: Stuti Singh

Editor: Mac Milin Kiran


The past few decades have served as an awakening for human beings. We have begun talking about subjects that were earlier deemed too scandalous or inappropriate to discuss in public. We, as a species have grown together to liberate our minds, beliefs, and practices. Still, certain topics remain a taboo. When I asked my mother why she had me, her expression turned incredulous, and her response was a chuckle. But I truly wanted to know the reason why my parents decided to bring another human being into this over-crowded world. For a long time I wondered why people had babies. Then I figured it was their personal choice (or probably societal pressure). That was until I learnt about the carbon footprint that each human being leaves on the planet. Having a baby means increasing not just our own footprints, but also giving rise to another person’s footprints. I have nothing against babies. They are cute (for an hour or so), but they eventually grow up and become full-fledged human beings who would consume a lot of resources- resources which are already scarce.

As the world population continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, the last thing this planet needs is more human beings. 267 babies are welcomed globally per minute. 385,000 babies are born each day. The already scarce resources are exhausting, and the world is turning bleaker by the second. The scarcity of food, water, clean air, electricity, is beginning to seriously affect entire sections of societies. Who knows, there might even be a Third World War for water at this rate? Do we really want to bring a baby into this fu***d-up world?; a world where it would not even be able to breathe, have access to clean water, and much less have a happy and secure life? If I was your unborn kid and you chose to bring me into this world, I would seriously be pissed (I still am pissed at my parents). I would not want to be in a mutually disastrous relationship with the environment. I would be a burden, and she would have nothing to give me. So, on behalf of all unborn children, I request everyone to think before they act.

Reproductive freedom is no longer a question of individual choice. We need to think of the consequences our actions have on the planet. This is a sensitive topic, and yes, it requires care and consideration. I’m not condemning people for having kids. I too am one of those kids burdening the Earth, aren’t I? My intention is to call attention to how our choices have repercussions. A baby might be the source of your joy, but it is your responsibility to provide them with the resources that the planet cannot offer. The carrying capacity of the planet has almost reached its limit. Another human being will not be the messiah; with a click of their fingers the planet would not be restored to its former glory. Another human being means more strain on the Earth. Haven’t we already caused enough damage? It’s time we do the bare minimum to resuscitate the Earth and practice our right to choice by making a well-informed decision.

I’m going to take a step further and talk about this movement I came across a while ago. It’s called the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (you read that right, something like this actually exists), and as the name suggests it advocates gradual decline of the Homo Sapiens, and ultimately our extinction. They are not some cult, or a group of misanthropes that celebrate the death of humans. Neither are they pessimists who endorse suicide, nor are they extremists who support slaughtering human beings. Instead, they are a bunch of visionaries who dream of a healthy and flourishing planet, a planet no longer infested (sorry, I meant inhabited) with humans. One visit to their webpage would bust all the myths you have about why it is essential to have kids. Their motto is, “May we live long and die out”. All that is required to join their ranks is one resolve- not to procreate. Just a single decision, albeit a powerful one. The end of human beings means the beginning of an era of life for all the other species. It means freedom for the ecology. Humans have had a long run. It’s time we leave for the greater good, voluntarily. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. In the end it’s your choice. Baby or no baby, I hope you make a choice you would be proud of!

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