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Want to feature your work at Mizzle?

We at Mizzle are always open to collaborations. We would love to showcase your work on our platform! In order to submit your pieces for the blog, please follow the submission guidelines given below.

Submission Guidelines 

Please read through the submission guidelines thoroughly. Submissions not in line with our guidelines shall not be accepted.


You may submit any article, artwork, comics, etc. that goes in line with the theme of our organisation - environmentalism. We encourage creativity, and provide ample creative freedom to all our writers. You may submit any kind of piece you wish to, as long as it is respectful and follows our guidelines.


Submissions should preferably be within the range of 800-1500 words. Submissions exceeding this word limit may be published in parts, upon discretion of the editorial team.

Co-authorship of a maximum of two authors is allowed.


All relevant sources must be cited. We follow a strict policy against plagiarism. If any piece exceeds the permissible limit (20%), it shall be rejected immediately.

 All sources must be hyperlinked, to keep the informal tenor of a blog. The hyperlinked text must be underlined and italicised. If, for any source a hyperlink is unavailable, the source must be cited as an endnote, using the bluebook, or OSCOLA style of citation.


The text must be in the following format - 

Font: Garamond

Size: 12

Spacing: 1.5

Alignment: Justified

Title: Size 14, Bold, Underlined, Centre aligned

Sub Titles: Size 12, Bold, Left aligned 


All submissions must be emailed to in .doc or .docx format, with the email subject line "Submission for the Mizzle Blog"

We follow a blind peer review process for our articles, therefore the authors are requested to not mention any personal information within the document. 

The email must be accompanied with a cover letter (as part of the text of the email) mentioning the name of author(s), contact details, designation, institute, and an undertaking that the submission is the original work of the author(s), and the same has not been submitted or published elsewhere. 


The Copyright of manuscripts submitted is vested with Mizzle. However, all moral rights are vested with the author. At no instance shall Mizzle use the author's work for commercial purposes without prior notice, or without attributing them.

All work must be original, and should not have been published anywhere. 

Cross-posting of a piece existing on Mizzle would be allowed only with prior permission from Mizzle, and an acknowledgement of publication on Mizzle, wherever it may be published. 

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