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Become A Chapter With ThinkOcean India

What is a chapter?

Setting up a chapter under ThinkOcean implies that your institution will be a part of the ThinkOcean network of chapters that further the ThinkOcean goal of creating more awareness and encouraging action on issues along the environmental spectrum. 

What does a chapter do?

As a ThinkOcean chapter, you will be involved in furthering the message of environmental education and action through different issues and media. This includes, but is not limited to, organising events, drives, promoting dialogue through public fora, creating awareness, activism, advocacy, research, among others. 

In this regard, there are different types of ways you can set a chapter under ThinkOcean India:

Independent Chapter

An independent chapter will function in direct relation with ThinkOcean and will fully be acting under the banner of ThinkOcean. It would be recognised solely as a “ThinkOcean chapter” and would not be.


Independent Cell of an Existing Initiative

This type of chapter will be part of an existing environmental initiative/cell/centre in your institution. The cell would have ThinkOcean representatives as part of its team. It can utilise its affiliation with the ThinkOcean network to find the right audience and greater reach for its initiatives. 

Project-based Wing of an Existing Initiative

These chapters would be temporary in nature. If the environment cell/individuals from an institution* wishes to undertake a research/advocacy/long-term project (3 months or more) that the environment cell wishes to undertake under the banner of ThinkOcean. 

Integration within an Existing Initiative

In such a chapter, there is no bifurcation between the ThinkOcean chapter and the existing initiative. Thus, the existing initiative itself is considered a ThinkOcean Chapter and continues to operate while being a part of the network accessing resources, in exchange for keeping us in the loop.


That being said, ThinkOcean is a youth-run organisation and we believe in giving your chapter maximum autonomy to decide and organise initiatives and events that your team supports and resonates with. ThinkOcean’s role as a facilitator is to ensure things run smoothly and the ultimate objective of more awareness and action is always considered. 

What do you get by being a ThinkOcean chapter?

Being a ThinkOcean chapter can be great for you and your institution for many reasons!

  1. You’re part of a global network of youth that’s doing exactly what you are/want to: bringing the environment to the conversation and pushing for action! It’s a great community to be part of.

  2. Your initiatives and events will find a wider audience around the world. 

  3. You get to be part of initiatives surrounding the environment and sustainability from chapters across the global network. 

  4. ThinkOcean India independently organises its own initiatives (theme-based panel discussions, social media interactions, awareness, and action), and also has a blog taking entries on a rolling basis. Chapter members (or chapters collectively) can reap the benefits of these initiatives and get published in our blog as well! 

  5. Chapters will be part of the ThinkOcean India Regional Council, so that they are aw1are of what other Indian chapters are doing, and be able to connect and collaborate with each other as well!

How can you set up a ThinkOcean chapter in your institution?


  1. Approach us by writing to

  2. Let us know the kind of chapter you wish to set up at your institution. The procedure for each type is slightly different.  

  3. It is important that you know what the administrative procedure at your institution is, in order to set up a chapter. In case you need any official correspondence from ThinkOcean’s side for this purpose, feel free to reach out to us at the above-mentioned email ID for the same.

  4. After the administrative formalities, you will be added to the regional chapter database and officially be a chapter!

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